The Basics of Advertising

Dear Ads of the World Forum members,

My name is Mat, I'm a recent graduate from living in Boston. Since my recent graduation I've found myself a bit lost admit the job market. Maybe this a result of my time spent out of school however I need a bit of a refresher and would love to get your input on a few questions I have about the field.

--> What are the various positions in the advertising and marketing fields that someone like me with a B.S. in communications would be able to aim for as a start?

--> What's the best way of building a portfolio? Would I want to create a full integrated marketing campaign or just single spec ads?

--> If my artist skills isn't up to par however I want to covey my ideas should I still try to create an image?

--> What are some of the better graduate schools to look at to continue in this track, either here or in Canada?

--> Are there any pieces of literature (or websites/blogs) I should keep an eye on to be mindful of how the industry is going? I'm already in the process of reading Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy, any other suggestions?

-->Any other tips?

Any advice you would be able to bestow is greatly appropriate . I'm just looking to get a solid footing and some direction in the field. Till then I'm going to keep an eye on the aftw site and my eat to the ground


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Welcome to the forums.

Here are my answers:
1. You start as a trainee at an ad agency.
2. You should do concept ads that show your thinking and creativity. Don't bother executing them. Just do sketches with descriptions.
3. Already answered.
4. Do a bit of work to know what you really want to do, then chose the next step in education.
5. Read Lake Sullivan's Whipple Squeeze This as well.
6. Read