Any takers for a Jr./Trainee Copywriter in Singapore?

Anybody looking for fresh talent in copywriting?

Name: Aditya

Qualification: MBA (MarComm), M.MassComm. ..... talk about being overqualified! Phbbt!

Education: Everything that surrounds me, teaches me a thing or two.

Likes: to create.

Dislikes: not to create.

Why me?: Different, always willing to find 'that one more solution', don't need a special time or place to create concepts. Will work for money, will work for beer. Welcomes brickbats with an enthusiasm equal to appreciations.

Motto in Life: Have Mind. Can Think.

No professional experience yet. But that doesn't stop me from thinking and making my own ideas and concepts. Find some of the work at

Holler out if you are think I am worth a shot.......

Making a Difference,