Looking for Graphic Design job in Doha - Qatar

I am looking for the position of communication/graphic designer in Doha.

I have a MA degree in Communication Design from the EUAC – University School of Arts,
of Coimbra, Portugal. I have developed various freelance projects in the area of communication and graphic design throughout my academic formation. That enabled me to have a closer contact with the work market..
For a period of 15 months I held a job on a contract basis with an Industrial Tools Company where I planned and created all the company’s communication strategies to be developed in catalogues, Internet site and cd-rom.
I am currently working with a graphics and printing company, Barros Gráfica , where I have acquired a better experience in production coordination with the printing companies.
I have already developed projects for eminent corporate companies in the centre of Portugal:
• The Mid Group - a chain of Shopping Centres - planned and developed various advertising campaigns.
• HOME SWEET HOME recreated their corporate identity and strategies of communication for their stores chain in Portugal.
I see myself as having a consistent experience and I am always willing to advance in my profession. I am a dynamic person, possessing initiative and strong organizational and leadership skills. I believe I have the capacity to tackle technical problems, willingness to learn and the ability to participate in team work.

To work abroad would not be a problem for me, since my objective is to work in Doha, Qatar where my companion is working with Aljazeera TV station as an image reporter/a cameraman.
I am enclosing my curriculum vitae and thank you for considering for the position. I am available for an interview as soon as you consider it possible.


Looking for Graphic Design job in Doha - Qatar


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Please contact lui and rina at lui@growqatar.com and rina@growqatar.com
They may be interested.

Thank you.

Anthony Ryman

Check out http://www.growqatar.com

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Greetings from grow.

Check out our website:


Contact Lui and RIna at rina@growqatar.com
and lui@growqatar.com

It could be that they are interested in you.

Anthony Ryman

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Hello Anthony
Greetings from Portugal!!!

thanks thanks for the information!!! I already send email with my portfolio and curriculum to Rina and Lui...
I hope to be in Doha in the end of the month... my husban is going this week..

thanks thanks

best regards


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Hi there
It's been 5 years since you posted this and I just came across it. I am pondering moving to Doha for a year now and have visited once. I would love to know if you have been successful and would love to hear about it. My area of interest is in Graphic Design and I graduated with an Ma in Design&Art Direction from the MMU University, UK. Please do share your experience in finding a design job in Doha. Thanks for your time. Regards

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