Mortgage Print Ad

This ad is intended to be placed in a local real estate newspaper that is generally full of half page black and white ads that are very cluttered and normally have tons of listings and pictures of agents or brokers. I am trying to come up with an ad that will set it apart and get some real attention by by combining a lot of white space and going for the classified look. My thought are to use the "personals" ad approach. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

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I know it's the joke, but I feel the slightly sleazy 'personal ad' conceit could put off some people.

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I do realize it's not for everyone and some may find it kind of "sleazy" as you so put it, but do you think it would attract more positive attention than negative? And would it generate calls? That is what I am after, I can't please everyone with an ad. Some people will like it and others will hate it :)

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