who to see during portfolio night?+ getting hired abroad

i hear you could only see three people, chosen in advance at portfolio night... is it then that much interesting.
also, is there anyway to land a job there? The pf city is not in my country... With today's current economic situation, is it possible to be hired abroad?

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Hello, Jergold.

It is a shame that no one replied to your questions. I apologize for I do not have the answers to your questions. I thought that there would be more interest in Portfolio Night from the people on this site, but I suppose that everyone has a position that they are comfortable with. If you do not mind sharing:

Did you go? If so, what was your experience?

I unfortunately missed my chance to go this year, but am hoping to go next year if I am given the opportunity. I hope that you were fortunate enough to go and make some connections if you had not landed a job. Thank you in advance for any information you share and best of luck to you.

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never heard about this "portfolio night" event, can someone explain please? when, where?

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simple ...
- already gone - must wait for next year.
- where - the whole world - many countries participate