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Fitness Ad

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comments plzzzz

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I doubt a health studio can afford to pay for the rights for one Marvel hero logo let alone four of them.
Try using something else which suggests the superheroes' membership rather than just using logos.
A subtle approach will be more creative.

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Davosk said it. thinking about new superheros could make this really funny. (The incredible Mailman, Pet-Shop-Woman or Mega-Vendor ah, the possibilities! :)

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Yeah. Maybe just use some their costumes? Cape? Mask? Etc?

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I don't know... For me superheros are born or transformed to be super. They don't work out for it. They don't need to keep in shape. They just are. It doesn't work for me. I'm also sick of superheroes.

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Hey there´s only one Marvel hero in there. The rest are all DC. ;-)