Oral-B dental floss

I believe it works without any copy.

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I think this is a cracking idea! Well done.


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Alex Chesbro
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I love the idea. I get it...but...I don't get it. Is the floss a trident/spear type thingie? I love the visual, to be honest, and in my opinion, you're right, there doesn't need to be any copy.

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Very well done! Congrats. This is my fav of all the submissions.

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It's original, but has nthg to do with the brief you created. Your brief is that floss makes you healthier.

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But what is it saying? And how is it selling Oral-B?

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how is a wooly burger got anything to do with oral-b??

"oral-b, its fucking wooly"

huh!?! what the hell does this mean!!

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so who copied who, did the colgate corn-printed-cloth-with-threads-coming-out copy this or vice versa

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Make Me Cry
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i dont get it,

plus unoriginal. all the dental floss ads are the same

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I'm having problems with the logic, even with the strawberry one. It's just combining the problem with the solution,making the product benefit secondary to the creative team's hunger for awards.

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this is cute and well executed but what are you saying? that food is funicle and small? that it could stick to small areas between your teeth? I think that's not very well shown. perhaps showing the yarn in actual shapes of food? it would be less exciting but strategically sounder.

this is a tough one. I could live with it. I don't think it's cannes.

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Simpler version done by Y&R Santiago earlier this year.

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The ad mmackinven demonstrates a well thought out concept. You can feel that if that hands pulls the floss the "burger" will be gone. Yours is a bit confusing because I can't tell if the floss is supposed to be creating the burger. It certainly isn't removing it.

Nicely art directed but the idea needs some work.

Good is the enemy of great.

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love it!.........superb...gre8 idea

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The concept is old, the art is good.
You don't need a copy for this ad, you need integrity...


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I'd rather see a popcorn kernel than a burger. I don't know if I've ever had a hamburger stuck in my teeth before...

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So is the post Hadrons haha.

I can't believe people were hating on the pieces done in the link above. It's frustrating to see how judgmental some people are on a lot of great pieces in the archive....often times work that we later learn win big awards. I'm not saying that award winning ideas are always the best ideas, but a lot of times they really are.

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Mr. Fixit
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It honestly doesn't matter how old a piece of work on here is, because someone on here will always be viewing it for the first time. The people who commented on this piece weren't trying to hate on it.They were simply giving their opinion. It's also not a big thing if it's award-winning or not, because once again it all comes down to someones opinion of the ad, as to whether it is good or not. You can see this everyday when you watch a commercial or read a print ad and think to yourself, "man, that really sucked." obviously, however, the creative director and client were happy with the ad though.

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That wasn't my point when I said the piece was old. Hadrons just commented that the concept was old, but so is the piece. Meaning that the concept could have been new when it was originally posted. Get it? And I was referring to the comments posted in the link provided by DJvasallo. I didn't see anything offensive in this thread.