digital voice recorder

Thank you

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I think; therefore I am

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very goooood!

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samuel j
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nice art work dude

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I'm not liking these. Do butterflies really say "Smmmmmm?" It's just silly to me. Try approaching "records even the smallest voice" from a different angle. This one isn't believable and almost completely lacks a consumer insight. Scrap the bugs and lizards and try to come up with something more human and relatable.

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These suck. Grammar is bad. Art isn't really that good either.

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dude, these are bad. thank you in advance for not putting any more up

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thank you,,,,,,.........

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I suggest that if you like using that insect and give info about them while promoting your product, you can approach it in different ways, you can use real pic. of that insect and play with it.. something like the ant is commanding just like you did or whatever but do it in another way.. And where did you get those drawings?

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I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.

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yes,,,I invite your suggessions,,,,,,,I could have done like that,,,,
and those drawings are done by myself,,by taking references from internet....

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hey..... i like the concept....

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Blair Semenoff
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NO, not working here sorry dude!

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Well nice efforts, if not best sure not worst

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nice & neat layout ... !!!

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