Moto A 1200 with extreme vibration

Copy: Karan Raghav
Art: Raju Das



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You have an idea, but it is wrong on many levels. Sexualizing the product is a bad thing. Surely you could do it without stooping to a female orgasm joke. Think of other ways. I know you've found a 'benefit' (and who knows - it might sell some phones), but this would alienate/disgust more women than it would intrigue.

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This ad is highly offensive....I suggest reworking the visual

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Its not our intention to make fun out of anyone. Please take this ad as a saleing point of view. That product has a special added advantage. Please try it and have fun.

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Agree with you, It's such a gr8 idea. I like it.

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karan raghav del


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I like it. Good Idea.

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a bit childish

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make me wet wet...

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Guest commenter

ohh! its so true.. loved it..

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extendddddddddddd it!!!!

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pathetic - grow up

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Guest commenter

its about growing up only.

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well, I looked up the phone model and nowhere in the description does it say "extreme vibration" or any deviation of the sort. This tells me you had an immature joke in your head that you wanted to turn into an ad.

Let's pretend though that this phone did have such an extreme vibrate feature (which doesn't seem like it would be sensible from a marketing standpoint to promote a phone that vibrates hard when we are competing against iphones, treos, blackberrys and other smartphones). This would still be a very first thought idea: OK...extreme vibrate...vibrate like a sex toy....girl having orgasm from vibration.

art direction is not bad.

"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan

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Guest commenter

You guys are rocking!

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You could get away with the idea if it weren't so 'in-your-face'. In advertising, the joke works if it is implied by thoughtful insight. This execution is just crass. If you meant this as a joke then I hope it made your junior high school friends laugh.

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Your idea is not bad but it wn't work that good, its just like the AXE advert - Turning nice girls naughty- where you see inflated boobs (coming from photoshop) with man hands pressing it. Its kind of oHH my god its so UNNATURAL, FAKE. You do not have to go beyond the limit, its just a bit of imagination.

It will surely hit people but will it pass on the message that your client want you to pass. It looks like a SEX toy, i do not think Motorola wants to display such messages.

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thanks for discussing axe ideas here, at least it adds some more spice.

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charu jakhodia

i dint like it atalllll sorry karan
according to me it makes no sense
dint expect this idea from you
try next time better
u can work on it and rework on it
sorry karan
good luck
otherwise u rock!!!!

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Guest commenter

no need of sorry, v always welcome comments.

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if your going to do this ad and go for the shock factor value, you should do a whole body shot and make it much more less in your face. People like to thnk they have worked the ad out for themselves, dont show them the ad straight away.

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I'm sorry, if I want dick and fart jokes I watch a kevin smith movie.

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It's even worse if you're looking at it from a selling point of view...definitely needs to be reworked

I think; therefore I am

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karan raghav
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Ok..but...Great Idea

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Ok..but...Great Idea

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Ok..but...Great Idea

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It's in the wrong pocket.

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karan raghav
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thnks dnyanesh!

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humor for humor's sake, and not new either.

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Excellent idea, great ad !
Just do not pay attention to the puritans...
Your ad is funny, "naughty", and disturbing.
So what else ?
I think even girls would appreciate.
Today's ad is this.

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