Don't use mobile phone while driving, safety first.

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pradeep ts
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Haven't I seen this somewhere recently...


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I was thinking the exact same thing. I think it was somewhere in the exhibition forum.

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pradeep ts
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Yes this is same thing after comments i changed new gravestone and new copy

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Ah...the old fear approach to a PSA. This one isn't cutting it though.

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As a Californian who just had the law about cell phones changed, this isn't working out very well for me. A lot of people do not agree with the ban on cellphones (not handsfree) and I don't find the idea that you'll die to be realistic. Yeah it could happen.

I'm also not sure I understand the line, they went to another place(death) so they are out of service?

I think an ad convincing me to use a handsfree device rather than not use my phone at all would be a better approach.