DM for mooncake festival_please comment

A DM from a mooncake's cottage to customers.

Is all about family reunite in the mooncake festival.

A question was set in the front page.

Which item below is most important thing in your life. (Think clearly)
a. Career b. Authority c. Family d. Friend e. Money f. Love

It look simple but not easy to do the selection. When you have to Sacrifice some other to choose only one thing, family is the final answer for
almost most of the people. So i think is good enough to deliver the message.

The line at back page is "Nothing is important than family. Reunite while this Mid Autumn festival with your family."

DM for mooncake festival_please comment


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art direction didn't works, at least for me.
[don't have the mood of mooncake festival]

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Hi cloengy, good work! but i just doubt that is there any research indicates that majority of people would choose family...? if yes, then this work well!

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yes, i did some research for around 50 ppl, 46 of thems choose 'family'

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maybe the money would be the most important for me ~~jajaja~~

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Hi cloengy! May b u can try ask a question that eventually link to "family", IMO, "what is the ultimate meaning of reunite to you?" /"团聚对你的定义是..." or something like that!

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can consider. will think about it. thanks :)

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Just a thought, can u make a statement that say something like this:
This is the list of things u can buy with money. Then u list out things like Car, house, diamonds, etc

Then the back u put: But u can't buy family. It's time for us to reunite and spend more time with our loved ones.

Do u think it will work better? cheers.

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nice comment.

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