CreAds Christmas Pencil

We're so in the mood for Christmas.

Creative Director: Patrick Lim
Art Director: Ray Ticsay, Rebecca, Helmut Mattjhis, Ching Li
Copywriter: Tzang M.
Account Management: Caryn Lim, Eliza Yeo
Media Buyer: Anne Fabregas
Production: Ronald

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capton john
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Nice & neat work! but why green background?

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Guest commenter


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done many, many, many times. And done better. How can any of you can think this is any good! It's a first thought and a lame one at that. And it is very badly executed

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I like it, it's simple, christmas is so over done. We have used this idea for our xmas cards.