It is bad to compare with the vision produced from beginning to end, stress the result that the products are enlarged



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I don't get it. What are these circles?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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size is same but see the difference ..nice i really liked it


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Will Young
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Circles around function that assist, come function to set off chest, circles of here function of product this for example

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I get that the orange dot is the same size but only looks enlarged in the "after" shot. problem is, the circles around the "after" orange dot became smaller and that was the first difference I noticed. The focus should be on the orange dot, which wasn't the case for me. So, point being, the small circles are key to making the visual trick work but they are also distracting me from the visuals which left me confused.

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so the product gives you an "ILLUSION" of bigger ...very witty

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