Need Feedback!

Hi I am putting together my portfolio site.

Wondering what you guys think,


Heres the link:

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I like the neat, simple layout of the website. Perhaps just lump everything together though? - having separate menu's for design/advertisig/photography/home seems uneccesary when you don't have a huge amount of items anyway.
They could all go under the category "portfolio", and specify for each one what category it falls under.

I think I've commented on some of those pieces when you've posted them on here in the past. Not a fan of some of them, like the child soldiers ads, others are really good. Love the night bar design.

Good luck!

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josh n.
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I had it all in 1 page.. the thing is that I am planning to have more work, so this is the reason why I did the separation.. Thank You very much

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A very carefully thought out website. I really like the orderly and tidy setup with your different categories of photography/design and advertising clearly and carefully designed. I would, however like to get a link back to the Homepage from every page.

Best regards

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josh n.
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Great ! Thanks! I appreciated your feedback... I have a link that takes you to the home page! it's the first navigation link under the logo that has a shape of a home and it says home next to it... LOL


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You have a good site! Good work.