Diabetes Day...


Diabetes Day...
Diabetes Day...
Diabetes Day...
Diabetes Day...
Diabetes Day...


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suggestions plzzzzz....

Thanks & Regards, B.K. Chauhan

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Visuals are not interesting in any way, and it's not telling me anything about why coconuts or tea are bad for you (if they are). Copy is too long. These look more like posters you 'll see somewhere that display information (diabetes symptoms) but does not make a good ad...ads are for attracting attention and giving a message in a creative way and/or with a "twist", this is not happening here. I'm not sure what "debate to know the fact of diabetes" means either.

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I totally agree with Hella. No idea, utterly boring art direction. I think you confuse "debate" with "discuss". Basically, it should read "discuss to the know the facts of diabetes". It looks like posters you would see in a doctor waiting room or in a school. But maybe that what it is?

Anyway, advertising-wise, this is very poor and uninteresting, unfortunately.

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What do any of these have to do with debating? It doesn't make any sense. As others have said, there's too much copy and the photos are bland.

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Everyone should know about this.

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It´s very confuse.

Sugestion: Try to find an concept or insight and work them.

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