Open for Critique 01

Client: Kulacom Jordan
Advertising Agency: Imagine GRP, Amman, Jordan
Creative Director: Raad Kildani
Art Director: Raad Kildani
Copywriter: Raad Kildani
Photographer: Eyad Shamieh
Published: 2009

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I don't get it.

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^internet speeds are so fast that it "blows away" all items in the house. It's a descent idea.
The fact that it says "make room" is confusing...are the items blown away due to the speed or to make way/room? Either way is good but in either case you need to express idea better through better and simpler visual. There are a lot of better ways to advertise this product, but if you want to stick with "make room" and "fast wifi" you need to clean up the visual and make it more funny/interesting.

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