Volkswagen Transporter

Sup guys, this is my friend's and mine work for Volkswagen. Meaning.... Volkswagen doesn't know about it as it's just our freelance job for fun.

What do you recon about the positioning of VW Transporter? Feel free to criticise!

Michał Gąsior and Piotr Szmiłyk

More about Piotr:
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I'm not sure I understand...?

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No idea what you're trying to say.

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If the strategy is to say that working together is more effective than working alone you should think about a less complicated idea.

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You are right sir, thank you!

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So freelancing job is working together ?
Yah that's true that working together is more effective than working alone for all aspects of life.

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It seems like the elephant is doing all the hard work, while the others just stand on top of it. I don't see the conveyed meaning of teamwork.