mySlim - A Soda Parody

Hi, did a rough concept of a slimming ad, trying to do a parody inspired by Ogilvy's 2012 Outdoor Lions Grand Prix 'Coke Hands'.
Any feedback and critique is welcomed :^) Thank in Advance.

mySlim is a detox & fat burner drink.

Design a poster that promote the benefit of the product.

Remind people that what we drink can make us gain weight.

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I really just wanted to comment to follow this post, but I'll give a little feedback while I'm at it.

I think the angle is interesting, but I'm not sure the first one is reading well, because I don't really see it as Coke. Second one involving Pepsi is more obvious. You could probably move the belt buckle over to the left, to make it look more like a love handle.

Something you might want to think about is involving fast food restaurant logos, because you're selling a weight loss drink. If you were selling a low calorie or sugarless beverage, for example, then you can get away with using only sugary drink logos in your ads, because that's your competition. But for a very general weight loss product, you shouldn't pigeon hole yourself to be just anti-cola.

As far as the art is concerned, I think it's neat, but the bottle might need to be framed better. It's just kind of a mishmash of color so it looks like it's slapped on. I also have trouble reading the product name and details, but it could just be the resolution. It needs to actually say "detox and fat burner" or convey that somewhere in the ad, because I only know that from the description at the top. The current copy/taglines aren't very good. "You are what you drink" is the better of the two, but it's been done before. Second one just isn't clever at all.

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Thanks, i love the love handle idea and more of the fast food-ish stuff to be involve but the project never went through:^C
A second concept was also been done, a more comical and caricature but i decided to keep it for a future use.

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Yup:^D its has been done but isn't most innovative campaigns arise in an existing field of advertising,
when it is paired with a method that has not previously been used in that field. -Hakuhodo