Institutional Campaign JJD, Proequipe

We go further for the great ideas.

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The art direction is top notch.

But the concept is confusing. Not really clear.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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yea. the art is great, obviously.
but something is confusing me.
what is JJD? is it an ad agency and this is a self-promo?

at first, the idea is nice. saying "you go further for good ideas"
but when you execute it like this, it kind of says that you dont come up with your own ideas, but that you literally go somewhere far away and get them.

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Exact !


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Justin Turco
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I wonder if there would be more clarification if we had the translations to all the copy in the ads. What does the gate say? The sign? The stone tablet?

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^--what they said.

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Agree that the art is great. Wondering why you chose these locations though?

The top one I can piece together has some kind of biblical theme - The gate says Judas, a bag of thirty coins, a noose (Judas tried to hang himself) a snake (Satan), and vultures (death).

The other two I can't make out but the third one seems equally as dark.

Not sure what clients you're aiming at but these places to get your ideas seem a bit dark.

Definitely intriguing - but everything isn't coming together completely.

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I apologize for my English, because I do not speak fluently.
Ads are an institutional campaign advertising agency JJD, Proequipe. The illustrations represent faraway places, expressions used in the Brazilian language.



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You got "institutional" wrong. These ads are considered corporate or self promo.

Institutional campaigns are made for public organisations, such as ministers and governments

Now I have to ask you this : were the visuals made by your agency, or at least an illustrator you hired?.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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nice concept

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Great! hard to understand for people not from latin america I would say but I totally get the idea and the illustrations are amazing.

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Nevo T
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well, as a client looking at this ads and seeing that art work, thats very convincing, specially along with the message your delivering. thats goes great together.

very WORKING ad.
good luck!

Best regards!