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The idea behind crafting the advertisement, exhibition in monsoon , the rain is falling very heavy all roads are flooded with water but still people are so crazy about this Exhibition they cant resist them self for coming and doing lot of shopping

Resonance Concept & Designs, DLF IT PARK Chandigarh (India) 160101, M : +91 97802 72234

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Monsoon Shopping Fiesta........

Resonance Concept & Designs, DLF IT PARK Chandigarh (India) 160101, M : +91 97802 72234

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You don't have to explain the ad, it should be self explanatory. And it is.

Now there are a few flaws with it. First the Photoshop work is really bad. Especially around the logo on the left. The duplicating is way too repetitive and obvious. This could pass for a student but certainly not for an agency, however big or small it is. It denotes a total lack of professionalism. Beside that, the quotation marks are useless and I still don't get the silly trend of having every single word with a cap...

The multi-colored logo is hard to read against this cloudy background. The M almost disappears. Same goes with the body copy. Barely readable and you obviously didn't proof read. It's "prêt-à-porter", not "pret a poter". Again, not a sign of a good agency.

Finally, with such a goof ridden ad, you don't want the agency logo to be too visible. So what don't you water it down a bit (no pun intended)? You're advertising your client, not yourself. It just clutters the lay out.

On a brighter side, I find the general idea not too bad, for a quick promotional press ad. It's not great advertising by any means, but there's something cute about it which made me like the ad at first sight. Unfortunately the many rookie mistakes kinda ruined it for me.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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it's not understood in the visual that roads are flooded. it just looks like a boat on a lake or a calm harbor

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Shawali's right about the photoshop. Though your average punter for this kind of thing may not even notice - I would suggest at least raising the horizon level of the left side to match the level of the right side - and try and break up the repeated cloud pattern on the left.

It's not amazing but it probably might work for what you need. I would consider a tagline to tie things together - I don't really understand the idea completely, encouraging people to still go shopping despite is being monsoon season? Just a tagline to highlight that.

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