AIDS - Control

About the poster : As we know in which HIV causes AIDS HAI. HIV AIDS virus is spread consists of the following reasons!
1 - unprotected sex
2 - Taking blood from HIV person
3 - using the same injection group
4 - virus transfer of HIV from mother to son
In view of all these factors have created this poster! To spread awareness in the society!

Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary
MFA – Applied art (Visualization & Campaign planning)
Department of applied arts
Faculty of Visual arts ,BHU
Session 2012- 2013

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First ad - needle not niddle (this actually made me laugh)

Okay so you say you are trying to spread awareness of how to not catch aids. Most people know this stuff - if they don't know this they most likely not able to read, if they can't read then how can they understand posters that are mostly made of type?
The visuals themselves don't make sense (actually the visuals with the copy still don't make sense)

Don't have a blood transfusion? Don't have a... baby? Don't be scared by snake/dragons - if you break your limit? (WTF?)

Who the hell is this talking to? How would anyone know if they are receiving a blood transfusion of HIV positive aids? Why would doctors do that anyway?

What the hell is that snake thing at the end?

Are you trying to confuse people so they visit the website to see what the hell you're talking about?

Sorry to be so harsh - this campaign just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. Advice is - don't do PSA ads, and if you do, it would help if you firstly knew a little about aids. Secondly knew a little about the audience you're aiming for.