Le Diskr

1 - Get people to listen to Le Diskr while having a party
2 - Set a young and partying 'sphere' for
Audience: 18-30
Design: me

Hi everyone!

Here is an ad for, an online collaborative jukebox where everyone can post & like music they worship. What do you think ? Do you get the idea that you won't forget the music even if you don't remember the party ? :p

Thanks and many thanks to

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get rid of the finger likin bit. it just confuses things.

this is good. not a groundbreaking concept. seems pretty straightforward for music, but it's good.

id brighten the photo up a bit more

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also, instead of putting "for music youll remember" and "for parties you wont remember"

id simplify it and simply put "music so good you wont remember it" - i think there you have a really great line and a much better concept.

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Thanks for sharing.

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"for parties you'll want to remember"