Taxi Ads in Bangkok, Thailand

Hello everyone,

I just created Ad poster for taxi company which they published in 46% taxi's of Bangkok, Thailand. The idea came into my head when owner of was sitting next to me and was telling me the facts about this city.

So, I thought why not create some funny Ad ! So, here is the creative work.

Please let me know if anybody is interested in any more Ad campaign like this !

Taxi Ads in Bangkok, Thailand


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Not really sure how this is an ad.

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wth... Does anyone know hoe i can post my work here? i cannot see a create new post button

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i had that same struggle a bit ago.

click on "Upload" at the top.


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This upload button os for submitting ads for the front page.

There's something weird going on with the forum lay out. The "create a new post" button is nowhere to be found. At least in my case.

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oh yes. oops.

ok i remember how i did it now.
at the top right area, where it says "Hello 'Your username' -> to the right of that is a drop down menu.

it will be set at "my account". click the down arrow and select "add forum topic"

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This isn't an ad. Or creative. Or funny to that matter.

S Maye

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