Trois Pistoles

A campaign for Trois Pistoles beer.

Any thoughts?

Trois Pistoles
Trois Pistoles
Trois Pistoles


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i like the concept a lot. the IDEA of the lines work, but for me the only one that actually works is the 1st one, and id even re-write it.

id simplify the 1st copy to something like "For the man who can belch the alphabet in 7 languages"

the 2nd copy doesnt sit right with me. it seems too "false" so to say.

the 3rd one doesnt speak to sophistication, but rather to nerdiness. like, the big bang theory.

id keep working on these, dont get stuck with what you have.

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These work for me. Make this an integrated campaign, and I think you've got a solid piece in your book.

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I love the insight. I agree with certaintly about the first one.

The art direction, and the type work in particular, could be perfected though.

But other than that, it's really cool.

I'd love to see more of those. It practically offers an infinity of possible lines.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Good idea.

Push it hard because you can come up with better headlines for this.

Art is a little gothic/rock-ish for my liking. It's throwing me off the idea a bit.

Also WHY is it sophisticated for a beer? If you could tie that up in the endline it might be worth doing.

Still cool though.

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