World Water Day

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Justin Turco
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What's the idea? Also, watch the hyphenation.

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Javier Aldabalde
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Preservar cada gota de água, haole.

Javier Aldabalde

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Comments — If you're going to put a box around the top type, do you really need or want to box the bottom? That may be one too many boxes. Also, I'd try to find a smaller drop ... maybe one just barely coming out of the faucet, in order to covey the preciousness and limited supply of water.

Oh. And hyphenation.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing much going on here.

Just a close stock picture of a water drop with some text on it.

And it looks like the kind of ad I hate the most : an agency using an unrelated social cause to promote itself.

Also, the hyphenation =)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!