Print ad (43 students will never go to school again)

43 students will never go to school again

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This kind of advertising annoys me. The sentiment is very sad, and the tragedy is obviously terrible. But this kind of thing comes across as Bank Asia cashing in on a tragedy - promoting themselves off the back of this thing.

Not cool in my book.

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when tv channel or any media cover this kind of news they never remove there logo or sign and it comes from social responsibility, not cashing. and we at the advertising people are always trying to express their sentiment as brilliantly as we can. When Steve jobs passed away, lots of big name companies mourned in his memory, would you call that 'cashing in on tragedy' too?

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No, Shaun is right.

If this is a real ad, this a shameless attempt from Bank Asia to promote themselves on the back of a terrible tragedy that has nothing do with them in the first place. If they really wanted to do something meaningful, they would give millions of dollars to a university or whatever. It would still be cashing on a tragedy but at least they'd have the excuse of having done something somehow useful. Just stating "Bank Asia mourns this tragedy" is totally shallow and flat out ridiculous. Especially coming from a bank. Seriously, what were you thinking?

Your argument about news channel is invalid. Putting their logo on the corner of the screen isn't advertising. It's just to let people know on what channel they are. Of course, the more people watch them, the more profit they make, but at least, reporting this kind of event is their job. It's not a bank's job.

And yes, when "big name companies" mourned Steve Jobs, they were totally cashing on his death. Private companies never EVER put out a press ad just to let people know how they feel. They always have something to sell, otherwise they wouldn't bother. That's advertising 101.

Please, don't be on the defensive. Comments like Shaun's and mine are only meant to help by telling what's wrong. Unlike your friend Aminullah who is really not helping you by saying this is a nice job when it's obviously and objectively not.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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nice work

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Aminullah Babu
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nice work