Awesome milk campagn

Hello friend.

This is a try to play on word from series ”How I met your mother”. There is guy that says this often and it is funny.

Tell me of feedbak and other thing.


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Oh God...First of all, calling your own work awesome is kinda...not awesome. Second, you can't just take a line from a television show and convert it into an advertisement; it doesn't demonstrate your skill at conceptualizing anything of your own. Third, this is a pun, and puns are the lowest common denominator when you're selling products. And finally, this could be for any milk on the face of the earth, and there is no evidence to substantiate your claim that your milk is legendary, or even any better than any other brand. From a product standpoint, why even pick a lactose-free milk if you're not going to use that as a selling point? There is a reason you can't go straight to executing ads without doing product research, thinking about your target market, thinking about your brand's unique selling message and actually writing.

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If I think my work is awesome i can post it. I think this is like connecting to the target group with a clear message. Milk is lactuse free because it was easy to put in the ad.

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Lol fair enough. But what is your target market? People who watch that particular show aren't necessarily the ones you want to sell milk to. Why was it easier to put lactose free in the ad?

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HA this guy is funny. Got the confident/arrogant enough to work in advertising. Now he just needs to learn how to do the work. KEEP PUSHING MAN.

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Diary milky... blee.

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Since we're reviving a year old bad post, full of bad idea and attitude, let just use it for educational purpose.

Bad puns are a huge dont's. Not even once. Especially if you've stolen an already existing, and ubiquitous, catch phrase.

Also, over confidence is a major turn off for anybody, let alone CD. Let other people be the judge of the quality of your work. That's the whole point of this site.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Big no, no

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Nevo T
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friend. thats a very serious no.
even if it was clever enough, your have to do somt with the art.
good luck =]

Best regards!

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This campaign is very cut. It has to be one of my favorite that I have seen in a while because it is relevant, witty, and it stops people and makes them look. First of all it is very current with the times and employs a very well known catch phrase that millenials use and love. Knowing you niche market is very important. Selling to people in a way that makes them want to buy your product is what keeps a company going strong. Also the way the ad is presented draws in attentions. Something about human nature makes people inquisitive and makes them want to know the ending of what is written. Be it the back of a shirt or the bottom of a poster, they want to know what the punch line is. Having the advertisement written in big bold letters like this with the main point down at the bottom pulls people in so that their attention is half and they continue to think about the add throughout their day. also, because it is presented in a funny way they will tell their friends and co-workers about the pun, using dairy instead of "dary" and that will increase the ads efficacy by using word of mouth to spread it to more people. The advertisement is a bit misleading seeing as it is lactose free, but it is still very well done, and as long as it tastes similar to milk the campaign shouldn't create too much of a problem for consumers of the product.

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I like the ad. Even though it’s a pun and targets the lowest common denominator as others have mentioned, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. The lowest common denominator buys milk. There is no shame in appealing to the general public. How I Met Your Mother is a show for the lowest common denominator and makes millions of dollars for the network and nobody is complaining. There are other shows or ads that appeal more to the intellectual crowd and they don’t always end up doing as well. I actually think you can drop half of the slogan so instead of saying, “legen wait for it dairy” to “It’s LegenDairy”. That way you get the benefit of having a clever pun without excluding all of the people that don’t watch the show. Just the word, legendairy, itself is clever enough. As you said, this is only a rough draft and the milk carton could be any kind besides lactose free. I actually would avoid using a lactose free milk carton for future drafts because it kind of defeats the whole purpose of what dairy products actually are. LegenDairy could even be the brand name like Silk. You could have LegenDairy Cheese, yogurt, whip cream, etc. You may be on to something big here if you decide to turn this whole idea into a real brand…

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I don't get it. Haven't seen the show.

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all i see is a picture of some milk accompanied by meaningless badly laid out type. why is this milk legendary? i have no idea...