Gatorade Prime Chews

Idea I had for Gatorade prime chews

Gatorade prime chews are energy chews designed to give athletes the proper nutrients before the game to make sure the perform at their peak.

I wanted to show the consumer that difference between winning and losing starts at the beginning

Simple Idea, just want some feedback. Love this site, and the rough feedback lol

Tagline: Victory starts with Prime

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Oh dear. See, since the latter part of the text is orange, I'm associating it with your product. So you're giving me the exact opposite message. I just read "Defeated, beaten, standing." Also, the first line is the only one that works. Second line seems like a copy of the first line, third line doesn't really mean anything to me, as I don't know what "standing" means out of context. Concept is kinda neat. Not sure if it's been done before. I like the copy approach though.