Hi this is a sketch to see if the idea works, i would like it to be more an illustration than a photo retauch, so it looks less creapy.

Please i'll be thankful for your comment.




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Tagline needs work. I think the imagery is really neat. I don't like the sort of gangster body disposal "swim with the fishies" thing though. Says "murder" more than relief.

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I don't see what the tablets are attached to. If this is something symbolizing hang over, the idea definitly has potential.

The funny thing is that you're "sketching" on Photoshop while wanting the final ad to be hand drawn =)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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It's a pig, bro. Take them for upset stomach. I think the idea is interesting because it actually looks kind of refreshing, like when I drink 7UP when my stomach isn't feeling great. It does, however, seem like the execution came before the strategy on this one. I'm not sure where exactly the food is going if I'm "getting rid of it." That's especially true when you're likening my bowels to a river for disposing of bodies. I'd suppose that it's sort of clearing out my system? IDK. Visually I'm actually a fan (I wouldn't illustrate this either, just leave it how it is), but I don't know if that's just because I find it pretty or if I really think it's on-point.

EDIT: I also don't know how you campaign this out aside from changing it to a chicken or cow, which is pretty much what everybody does with food-related advertising.

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The imagery has the feel of a photo taken from space. I do think a snappier tag line would help.

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