Jeep: Defying secret meetings since 1941

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2 things.

1) i dont understand the concept. why defy a secret meeting? why are we even talking about a secret meeting?

2) it doesnt look like you are defying a secret meeting. it looks like youre having one.
the visual and the copy seem to be giving contradicting messages

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Hi Certainty, Thanks for the comment.
Rule number one in Ad, if you have to explain it, it means that probably doesn't work :)
But I'm ok with it, mistakes & experimentation are part of the growing process.
My logic thought was:
Jeep brings you to remote places, places that don't appear on GPS or on maps and that only people with an off-roader (JEEP) can achieve.
I mean that if you want to have a secret meeting noting better than go to a remote place.
The Line
"Defying secret meetings since 1941" comes form the continuation of JEEP in looking for the unknown place (were probably a secret meeting can takes place).

This scene from no country for old men, all the cars are off-roads, even if is not the prefect example it shoes more or less the idea

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i think going from 'jeeps that bring you to remote places' and 'having secret meetings' is too much of a jump. there is a connection that is missing.
simply because both are remote or hidden is not enough of a justification, imo.

Also, your target is... people who tend to have many secret meetings?
it just seems random to me.

Although i suppose it coooould be salvaged with good copy and a better concept. I would have to see it.
But as you have it, i still fail to understand.
you are promoting in your visual what you say to be defying in your copy

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Is it possible that you meant "defining"?

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I'm with Certaintly on this one.

The visuals are good, but the secret meeting doesn't stick.

The insight is great, you could do something really cool with it.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Hi Shawali, thanks for the comment.
You guys are right, this is not working as it is right now, I'll try to grab your advise and the other ones to, and I'll try to to come up with a different approach. :)