Idea for Deutsche Bahn ad

This is an idea for a little DB ad, i just wanted to hear different meanings and constructive criticism.

(It's in german, because it's a german company...)

Idea for Deutsche Bahn ad
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And how are we supposed to give you a constructive criticism if we can't read the ad?

Can you give us a translation please? Not a lot of German speaker around here.


No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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I'm sorry, here is a translation:

- hello honey, when are you coming home? (sent from computer)

- i'm there soon, i'm already in the train. (sent from Munich)

- ok, i'm looking forward to see you! (sent from computer)

- me too! :) (sent from Ingolstadt)

ICE is a shortcut for inter city express, the fastest train in Germany...


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good idea, but could be synthesized. imo it's a bit too long yet.

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The train is either really fast, or the guy is just really slow at texting xD

EDIT: Not a total idea fail, but you can probably shorten this up. Don't get distracted by the idea of the phone either. Think of how time is represented in other ways.