wedding invitation design

I'm going to get marry!
I'd like to invite you to attend my wedding ceremony,in AM.11:00 Feb.13 2007,at De Feng Yuan Restaurant,Zhen Zhou.

wedding invitation design


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wedding invitation design

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Huh!? Must be something cultural I don't get.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Abandoned by the roadside inflatable doll,Humorous tell you the way I get married

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the inflatable doll,as a substitute of real sex mate,for man's need ,the idea is good but i think the typeface may be not properly choosed

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ok, now the idea strikes,
but bad idea

innovative promotional giveaways -

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alright guys...
i am hundred and one percent confident that this is not a real invitation card..
and this is from a male's poit of view... lousy...
imagine ur wife-to-be is the replacement of this blowup doll...
if this is real.. i cant believe ur wife actually agreed to it.. =(

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C'mon! I'm from Zhengzhou, (not Zhenzhou!!!) And now I'm in Paris! De feng yuan is one of my favorite restaurants!!

But, r u serious? Or just for fun? If u r serious, I wish u a happy life with your wife ever! If u r not serious and just to show your ad conception capacity, I wish u a happy life all the same in your next job!

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not getting the massage

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no way
it has no cultural thingy. (i'm part chinese)

what are you trying to say?


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very deep and creative... only a few would understand, but i dig it! =)

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so deeply^_^
I don't like it

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That's good. A man who loves sex dolls can understand this invitation's message clearly :D The idea is good and just nice. A sympathetic thing :)

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he's throwing away his bachelor stuff.... nice idea!

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he he...

your do?

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天阿 I don't think girl would like to see that as wedding invitation. ...
it's a fun idea but not really nice message.

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oh,I want to get away,immediately

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Good idea, come on, people, relax - a bit of sense of humour! It's a wedding, not a funeral!!! :P

Well done!

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where did all the fun people go? for heaven's sake it's meant to be humerous. ofcoz there is no comparison between the doll n the wife to be.

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I got it. And I'm a FEMALE lol

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If its just a design for a portfolio then its hip and extremely out there, good for getting design jobs.

If its real and actually being used, then is the most shallow and disgusting thing I've ever seen. Not to mention anyone that even uses those dolls is just a loser who can't get a woman anyway. And sure its good for your groomsmen and a few sick people on the internet, they will have a kick out of it. But what about your other guests? Your great aunt, your grandfather, your pastor, your religious father? Most of the women invited who have any pride in the female sex? A wedding is supposed to be a beautiful and cherish-able thing. Not a reason to offend your guests. Great job.

And your grammar sucks. I'm going to get married* Not marry.

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it not a good way to express your feelings.
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意思是否說... 你要結婚了,不再需要充氣娃娃?!Somewhat makes sense.
我只是想請問一下.... "I'm going to get marry." 是你寫的嗎??因為..."I'm about to get married!" 是比較正確的說法。"get" & "marry" don't go together,it's a grammar error.
還有,“in AM.11:00 Feb.13 2007” << 應該是:"at 11 am, on Feb. 13, 2007"

Okay, I was just being anal. I like the photography, and also the idea behind it (although it's a bit shocking). But I like it.

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