Muscle Milk

Made this as a one-off. Not sure if the concept has enough legs to justify pumping out a few more?
Any criticism would be appreciated, as I am starting to put my book together and don't want any "student" looking work in it. -Cheers

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Hi and welcome.

I'm not fan of your ad. I must admit that I find it super creepy! The guy's skin looks pretty bad, so does the photograph and that milk stain... Well you see what I mean =)

Now the idea relies too much on a visual pun which doesn't really make sense. It doesn't show a direct benefit for the consumer, except drawing funny shapes with milk on your face. Also, it's too close from the world famous Got Milk? campaigns.

Do not hesitate to post some more ads!

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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I kinda like it. Can't really explain why. It says man, it says strong, it says milk. I dig. Only thing I'd say is that it's probably only successful as a one-off. You can't put too many of those in your book, but since I like this and there's really no way to campaign it out, I dig.

EDIT: Don't really get the tagline. Could use work.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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I like it and i personally thinks its a great idea. But the only main problem I can see in this is the EXECUTION. Yes it seems like you got an idea and you start executing on it and that's it. So my friend try to make it look really nice looking and feeling... totally agree with shawali that needs to work on skin and... so once again just do your best on he execution part...

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Thanks for the encouraging words tazyboy. I'll try some major touching up on the skin and milk-stache.

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Yeah, try working on that 'stache. At first I thought it was shaving cream.

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The image is REALLY ugly. But even if it weren't it is still a pretty weak concept.

More specifically there's something strange with the skin tone - it may look better in a lighter tone perhaps.

The concept as it is comes across as a first association - as in 'muscle milk' = show some muscles (and some milk). Try to think beyond the initial association to something that may be more removed (aka interesting) but still linked to the product.