Deepawali Public interest ad

For a moment of Joy, you take away the joy of nature forever, thanks to fireworks.

 Deepawali  Public interest ad
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Sorry, but the copy is confusing. What do you call the "joy of nature" exactly? And shouldn't it read "BECAUSE of fireworks"?

But then, I don't really see how a flashy multi colored feather symbolizes nature. Nor do I see how fireworks can affect said "joy of nature". I guess it can be bad for the environment by causing fire hazard and such. But it doesn't show in your ad.

It feels like you didn't really think this through enough and jump right away to Photoshop.

Also, take time to read the link in my signature.

Happy Diwali!

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Sham Sundar
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Sorry, Shawali

Ths.. Ad will show only "save birds"

flashy multi colored feather is showing the Birds

if we use more fireworks we lose the birds and the nature.

and birds are more sensitive

Thanks for your wish:)

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I didn't know fireworks kills birds. Perhaps you can use this ad to educate people that it does.

As is it is, it's confusing - the feather is a firework? The feather is going to explode when the firework goes off? Fireworks kills feathers?

Just state that fireworks kills birds and put a picture of a bird being killed by fireworks. Not that it will stop people using them - so why not try a proper ad as opposed to a PSA.

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its ok

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Is fireworks killing birds a real fact?

Because I thought the noise would suffice to make them flee. But maybe I'm wrong.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Fourth of July must be a massacre. And like, every Asian holiday. And like, every 12 year old's day off.

I have a pile of birds in my backyard, in case you were wondering.