Miami Ad School right after high school?

I'm graduating from high school in the coming year (public exams in APR2013) and is now looking for colleges/universities since im interested in the advertising world after attending the advertising workshop in scad in the past summer.
i went on google and eventually ended up with MAS that looks like exactly the thing that i want to study, with the art direction programme includes all the stuffs that i'm interested and even typography! im more of a idea type of person so i thought doing ads were really a good choice and the industry is tough but fun and that will make everything worths. however as i go further with my research on the school, the results were that MAS is not an accredited school. im not sure what that means exactly but do you guys think i should apply for MAS after high school or should i study some bachelor programmes at local universities first(im from hong kong)?

please help im really lost
thanks in advance.

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