Single Creatives

Hello Creatives,
Are any of you a 'single' creative? By creative, I mean Art Director, copywriter, Graphic designer or Illustrator, so long as you are looking to collaborate. Then, like me, are you looking for a art partner to work with? If yes, then do post your info here in this format:

1. What kind of single are you?

Art Director/ Writer/ Graphic designer/ Illustrator/ Conceptualiser / other(please specify)

2. Work to showcase.

A portfolio, or samples of work that can shared with your prospective creative partner.

3. A little more info.

What you're looking for, your background and where you are located at.

4. Contact details.

Your email address, facebook link or any other contact info you want to share.

Mine is as follows:
1. Copywriter
2. Work will be provided on request.
3. I'm looking to do some ideating, conceptulalising and executing ideas. We can take up new briefs and work on all mediums - print, digital, ambient, intereactive.
4. Contact me at I'm based in Bangalore, India.