Tech College TV/Web spec ad

A (spec ad) for a Tech College. Critiques welcome.

Video found here:

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good idea, weak execution

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Do you mean weak execution as in quality of animation etc etc or not getting the idea across?

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I liked it. It didn't look "professional", but it's a spec ad so I won't comment on that. However, I'd like to point 2 things:

1) The entire build-up of bigger ideas, was a bit slow. In the end, waiting for the "next idea" became predictable and redundant. I understand that is the whole idea of thinking big, but, it's just not very rewarding to wait till the end, because the concept was already understood when he thinks of the wheel and next a cartwheel/wagon.

2) I think Think Big is a campaign/ tagline of Big Cola. I don't know how famous it is. But I've recently seen an ad for the same.

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Nice idea. What I liked was the connection between wheels to car, car to bulldozer, bulldozer to building, building to city...'Think Progress. Think Big.' would be more suitable as a tagline in that respect.

Is there an insight & benefit being communicated to potential students? Sort of, but not really. But it is epic and attention hailing so you might have that going for ya.

However, bringing this mockup to life (filming, stylizing, art directing, producing, and yes getting the timing right) could be a bit of a nightmare - I can't really picture it brought to life.

I can see it being broken up a bit (i.e. wheel to cart to car - that's it) and that turned into a web banner or even print ad.

Therefore...No to commercial. But try re-working it for other media, creating different executions, and you could have a campaign.

Best of Luck.

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Considering redoing this ad with better quality. Is it worth it do you think?

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used, old concept. cant do it, sorry.

also the example of the wheel for is in itself used and old.