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I run part of a small australian beef jerky company, our firm is experiencing explosive growth and needs to outsource design work.
We have little design experience and we are about 12 months off employing someone full time to produce our artwork and offers, this leaves a 12 month window where we will need someone to continue our G design.
In the past we have dealt with graphic design firms and i have never even once been impressed. We are charged considerable amounts for work that i could have done in paint (with a few hours).

Our firm will be exploring the idea of outsourcing our design work via the internet.

I have attached a mock up of a "my family" sticker. (If you don't know what a my family sticker is then google it, don't email me and ask)
The client is going to create a series of stickers to put on there cars and for customers to buy. The idea being that the stickers will be put on bumpers to entertain and advertise. All figures will be aproved by MY FAMILY and printed by this firm. figures will be designed in the manner of the farmer on the left of the JPEG.
How much you are paid depends completley on the quality of your work. Our firm will pay very well for work of the appropriate standard.

Our offer:
look over the image attached. Design the SAFARI bull as per the description. send the design for the safari bull to The Safari bull design will remain your property.

If we find a design we like:
We will offer payment terms for the safari and all other bulls in the sticker series and a timeframe in which to have them delivered to us. If you agree then half payment is made to start work and half at completion. Designs which are paid for will become our property. Jim's may offer to buy initial designs from more than one designer.

We will need around four designs/artworks a month starting with the five bulls (which is one design) generated and all requirments will be set out clearly for you. If you are interested please send your completed safari bull design to for more info on the firm.

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"How much you are paid depends completley on the quality of your work."

No. How much you pay someone depends of the amount of time the designer spent working for you, within a time frame that you and him agreed upon.

The quality of his previous works is what made you pick him for the job in the first place.

But hey, why not contact potentially thousands of designers and ask them to work for free, get 2000 submissions and pick only one. It's a win-win situation, except for those 1999 other poor bastards left who blew a considerable amount of time for just a feeble hope of getting a few hundred dollars.

Spec work is killing the business.

Just ask for portfolios and find yourself a designer you like.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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You are absolutely right about the spec work. i had bad experiences.
Judging over portfolios is the best option as you suggested.

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Well said! Its incredible how some people treat others without any respect, thinking that money will buy them instead.

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Ok, I can see what you mean. It does look i used the article in your link as a guide to write my ad. As i said this whole proces is new to us.

So lets turn this on it's head.

do you have the skill and available time to generate outstanding cartoon bull figures inside three weeks?
Do you understand what Iam looking for in the stickers?

If yes then give me a price. If it's acceptable I will pay you up front. No other work promises, no work ownership drama.

You see I'm not out to use anyone, rip anyone off, or steal anything. I'm looking for artists with real skill and I am trying to demonstrate to the desicion makers in my company what can be achieved by using talented artists instead of small town firms who specialise in wedding invitations.

So tell me how much to do them all? I will pay you, and then you show me how god damn amazing you are.

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do you still need an illustration for your product? sorry for asking ,i'm interested in working on your project
i just need an confirmation does this job still available or not.


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Thanks for this.

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These all design are superb.We can make uses of these design with several ways.

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Is the job open?
how much are you gonna pay?

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me also work as a freelancer

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What's the rate on this?

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yeah it good

Craig Stephen