The Sunday Leader, Sri Lanka

Advertised brand: The Sunday Leader, Sri Lanka

Advert title: Give us space.

Advertising Agency: REDLIME, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: SD Nishanka ( SD Nish )

Art Director: Tissa Samarakoon

Copywriter: Anukshi Jayasinha

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Glad to see Redlime can come up with something visually viable.

But holy Christ on a stick!! the strategy is terrible!!

No newspapers in their right mind would communicate to their readers by saying "get the fuck out of our way you peasants, let us do our super important job!" Because that's exactly what this ad is saying.

It's just a self absorbed rant about whining journos thinking way too high about themselves. "Give us space"??? Are fucking serious??? Give police space. Give firemen space. Give soldiers, doctors, ambulances space. But journalists? Come on!

Your slippers are ripped? Boo freakin' hoo!! At list you have shoes to put on and a job to do. You work hard to take care of your family? So do the guys working day in and day out in a garbage dump.

This ad is dishonest, this ad is stupid beyond belief, this ad is insensitive and insulting to hard working people and everyone else.

Dudes, go back to university and try to actually learn something this time.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Da Man
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why are you so desperate??? is this how you give critical feedback??? in universities where civilized people learn and share, criticism is at the core of learning, but in a human way.

look at your language? what are you? some jobless punk who wanted a career in advertising?

did you even try to find out about the background of this ad?

how can you just guess the reason behind the ad and blackguard some agency that is located some thousand miles away from all of us?

why do you get so worked up about ads in these forums?

IVAN created these forums so that people can share and learn in a civilized way.

please try and respect that.

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Da Man
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and Shawali, one more advice.

please don't bark at me like a dog that is infected with rabies.

my above comment is not to insult anyone.

please comment in a civilized manner.

this is ads of the world. not some barking space.

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Who's being desperate now? You just keep copy/pasting the same silly comments in a weird attempt to troll me and/or look like the good guy.

Unlike you, I won't be insulting and assume that I know stuff about you (yes I consider "jobless punk" to be an insult). As far as I know, you're just some words on a website.

By the way, I'm doing pretty good jobwise, thank you.

Just know this: I've been roaming this site for years now. Just look at the number of pencils I have. I think I've been known around these parts to give pretty fair feedbacks. I may have posted uncool ones while I was in a bad mood every now and then, it can happen. But I'm always trying to be helpful as much as I can with students and beginners.

When I get harsh, it's never toward an individual, unless he's a troll (and we had some over the years) When I do, it's most of the time because some make believe agency who knows diddly squat about the business post some terrible work and try to pass it as professional (ie the long list of credits). And I know how agencies work in developing countries. I worked for years in a well known central Asian city famous for it's many bombings and terrorist attacks.

Anyway, i consider that any comment is a useful comment. Polite or not, it always says something about the work. Do something good, you'll get praises. Do something bad, people will let you know it, in their own manners. It can be fair or not, but at least you know something's wrong with your work.

So please, don't get all almighty on me, ok?. Don't assume you know how this website works better than me. Because you obviously don't. To be fair with you, I'll take your trolling attempt as a reminder that I must be careful in my choice of words. But agencies like Redlime will get no mercy from me. And do believe it can only help them to get better.

Now, let end this here and now. Ivan didn't make this site for people to judge other people's comments.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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This is one nice ad IMO. I would rather say getta outa my way than saying give us space. cuz i like to follow a brave newspaper. but i guess its not politically possible nowadays :P.