I need to know some suggestions about MIAMI AD SCHOOL

I just wanted to know what do u think about the Miami Ad School...
i am Italian and i am looking for a very great school about advertising...
Let me know something
Thank you so much

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Hello Axel,

I currently go to the Miami Ad School and am about to wrap up my first year. I come from a business background so I was nervous in the beginning, but now I am convinced that I made the right choice. I started last November and I just recently came back from winning an award at the D&AD award show in London. So a lot can happen in a year. First, you meet new friends from all around the world and all with unique perspectives. You are also exposed to a large network of industry contacts. Most classes are taught by working professionals from various agencies. If you excel, then they might offer a referral to their agency. Also every Monday there is a guest speaker from the industry that talks to us. They talk about new industry trends and/ or their journey to get where they are. Afterwards you are able to get business cards, rub elbows, maybe even grab a bite to eat with them. With the exposure to the teachers and speakers alone, after 2 years, it amounts to quite a bit of people. With that said you get what you put in. It is possible to slip between the cracks if you do not drive yourself. However if you are driven, be prepared to work harder than ever before. There are a lot of talented people here and it can be competitive (In a good way). If you take the 2 year portfolio program than you will have the opportunity to travel to different locations and study/work. Check the website for the different locations. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thanks so much Matt...u were so kind to answer to my question...
I have looked the hamburg location...and i will finish my bachelor in graphic design on february 2013...
i am really looking for something great for my future...and i was valuing this i have understood that u suggest to me this school...i will notice u and i will ask some other questions before my choice...
My contact on skype is: alessandro.cini20 , if u want u can add we can talk a little better...
Thanks a lot for ur help.