Miami Ad School- Masters Program

I know there's already another thread about MAS on here, but as that one's more general, I wanted to post a new one regarding something more specific.

Does anyone have any experience and/or opinions on the masters program at MAS in conjunction with FIU?
Is it prestigious like VCU Brandcenter or is it super easy to get into? Can you still build a solid portfolio? How is the quality of education for the Florida International portion? Was commuting back and forth a pain?

I can find tons of info and blogs out there from students who did the portfolio program at MAS, but I can't really find anything from someone who did the masters program.

Any insight at all will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey addyboy!

I'm doing (and am almost finished with) the Masters program with FIU & MAS-South Beach!

The MAS Master's program consists of 6 MAS quarters and 4 FIU semesters worth of awesome, non-stop work - at the same time!

The program itself (called the Creative Track program) is not easy to get into at all, simply because only small groups are chosen to start every semester (my group has 4 people, the group after me has 8, which is the most I've seen in my 2 years in the program).

In order to fully understand the program you need to be aware that FIU and Miami Ad School are two COMPLETELY different schools that teach you different aspects of the advertising world.

MAS is all about creativity, advertising, and your portfolio. The more you work at it, the better portfolio you come out with. Because the Master's students are only able to take 2 classes at MAS every quarter (except for Summer, in which you take 4 classes) make sure that your skills, whether it is copywriting or art direction, are TIGHT. If you come in not knowing how to open Photoshop or InDesign as an art director, or not knowing what a tagline is as a copywriter, I suggest that you study your skills a bit more. Why? Because you're going to be placed in advanced classes at Miami Ad School and only the fittest survive. There are no 101 classes in the Master's program - in fact we are placed in 3rd or 4th quarter classes in our 1st quarter, so get ready to rumble!

FIU classes are actual graduate level research-based courses which teach you the behind-the-brief work on how target audiences are chosen, public opinion is set, etc. It's pretty cool information to learn, and it's stuff most people in the regular portfolio program have no idea about. Some of the FIU classes are offered online while others are offered at the FIU-Biscayne Bay campus (though getting to the campus may be a hassle, trust me when I say you WANT to take live classes - online classes can get out of hand FAST if you don't pay attention to schedules). I know you asked if commuting back and forth is a pain, and I'm not gonna lie, it is a pain in the ass, however most Creative Trackers carpool together making it a bit more fun than the average commute (ie. drinking after class, going out to eat before class, hanging out together, etc). Both schools are very good at keeping travel time into consideration when scheduling our classes, so that will never be an issue.

In the end, the more you work, the more you get out of it. And I can say that I have a great portfolio in the making while still getting my Master's degree in Communications. And with all of the networking you get to do in both of the schools, you can count on getting some awesome feedback and internship opportunities after you graduate! The Creative Track program is definitely worth attending! =D

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at

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A Masters degre is just to impress your parents and friends. But it doesn't have any value in the market. (in the creative department, at least)
All that matters is a strong portfolio.

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Thanks socas for taking the time to provide a thoughtful and helpful answer. Did you receive my email? I'd really like to speak to you more about this.