Brand Name And Tagline For Diamond Jewelry

Hi all, I am going to launch an exclusive diamond jewelry collection in my Gold and diamond jewelry showroom . Looking for an international name and tag line for the same.Here are some details

Product: High quality diamond(VVS,EF,EXcellent cut) jewellery collection

Location : south India, but future plans in Dubai,Singapore etc. so the name should be international

Specialty : Will be giving better quality diamonds than my competitors and hence it would be priced also a bit more

My clients : upper middle class and elite class

Business objective : Best products, Best service and so premium price...not in to Cheap and

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If interested in doing business (because what's good does not come cheap) post a comment with an email so I can get in touch. Worked for that business before and know how hard diamonds are to photograph!!

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You forgot to indicate what is your total budget for the whole naming process. Between market research and assessment, brainstorming, focus groups and everything, it can take some times. And since time is money.... Especially for that type of luxury product

You do realize that you can't just find a name for your brand by just asking on a forum, right?

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Milan Solanki
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this is not a place to ask what to do, this is a place to ask how to improve what you have already done
Kindly, hire an agency