sugar free:Diabetes

A fictitious brand of sugar free candy targeted for Diabetic patients.

Ants are being misdirecting from this 0% calorie sugar free candy due to it's sweet sugar taste.

AS PART OF MY PORTFOLIO BUILDING; your feedback is valuable.

KC College of Management Studies,Mumbai
Diploma in Advertising & PR

Conceptualization: Kiran Kumar Padala, an amateur copywriter

sugar free:Diabetes


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Sales and Marketing
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Speaker I (Sales and Marketing) INDIA

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ADolescent Kiran
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of course the idea is similar but the scenario is different!!

similarity is a familiar word in advertising.

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dubbing concept are not attractive the people

Sagar E Radam
Web Designer

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I agree. It's not an attractive concept. I wouldn't choose to use diabetes as a selling point.

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Besides being similar - it's a fairly weak concept. The link to the ambient ad had at least a novelty factor using real ants.

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