Advertisement for Auto Magazine

Advertised brand: D&M PSS
Headline and copy text:
Experience Live Concert in Motion
70W RMS per channel
Line out - facilitates additional connection
High level inputs - enables direct connection with OE fit Headunits

Advertising Agency: blossoms, Pune, India
Agency website:
To be published in: July 2012
Magazine: Autobild
Short rationale:
A car audio system essentiall is an experience for its occupants while driving in chaotic traffic or on long drives along the countryside.
We emphasized that D&M's brand Boston is capable of producing the effect where one feels attending the live concert while driving

Advertisement for Auto Magazine


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If it's going to be published in july, you have a bit more than a month to restart from scratch, because this ad is really bad. Old idea and terrible photoshoping.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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put a car in a traffic jam surrounded by a classic orchestra.....

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Make it look less like an advert

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