Advertising Budget (Pre- Production &Production Cost )

How much a production house charges for a TV media add in India , Atleast give me the range, like 20-30 lacs !?
Don't give the details of Channel price , that what charged by Star or colors
I just want to know Production cost, I know it's a question without any much more detail .
but anyone from Advertising Background just give me range .
Or cost of any 2-4 adds .
e.g. Vodafone's Zoozoo add having a preproduction cost of 3 crores.
I just want to listen like that only .
plzz give your answer in terms of lacs or crores.
Otherwise don't give something like , "it depends" or "varies" that i also know Okkk !!.

I am talking about the typical adds. which we watch most on television
FMCG, Automobile, Telecom, e.t.c

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