I have Nerdphobia. Please help.

Hello everybody.

I am Leonardo and I have been working as a copywriter for 7 years.
Six months ago I was diagnosed with Nerdphobia, a mental disorder which strikes traditional copywriters with the crippling constant anxiousness of being replaced by a digital expert.

Medications do not seem to work (not to mention the side effects) and
the guys at the group reckon a good book on new media might be our next try.

Would you please suggest me some title?

Thank you and God bless

Leonardo Pastacaldi

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Really good question. I feel exactly the same =)

For now, I can only recommend you to read Luke Sullivan's "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This". The latest edition deals with new medias.

EDIT: after a quick googlin' I've found this : "Ho my god what happened and what should I do?" The title seems perfect for people like you and I =)

EDIT 2: You can get the PDF version of "Ho my God..."by paying with a simple Tweet.

And here's another one, we slightly more and better reviews : Digital Advertising: Past, Present, and Future It's the Kindle version, though.

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Leonardo Pastacaldi
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Thank you so much Shawali!

For your suggestions and your sympathy.

I read "Hey Whipple, Squeeze this" a year ago and it's like gospel to me.

I've already read Oh my God... either. Not as big as Hey Whipple but very up-to-the-minute, at least for a traditional copywriter, and straightforward. I definitely recommend it.

Yet, I have never heard of the last one! Sounds intriguing. I'll look for the print book - e-books are not my thing - and get myself a copy.

Thanks again.

Let's keep in touch. I'll let you know when I bump into some title for nerdphobics.

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Yeah, no problem.

LinkedIn request just sent.

Good readin' =)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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hi i am asafg