Viral videos in ads

Virals are generally created by an agency and then release on public.

My question is what about exisiting youtube videos that have been slightly altered or doctored and used as part of a brand's campaign?

I'm sure there must be more, I can't think of any at the moment, but here is an example from Sweden where they took existing video of babies talking and played with it.

I think it was quite well received. Anyway, is this ok? I mean, there are many print ads which rely on allusions to pop culture and comic characters etc. Does a popular youtube video which has been altered fit into this category, or is it stealing?

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If it is the same video, it may be subject to copyright or intellectual property (as in using a similar art project). If someone considers it to be their artwork, then it can cause some problems. I've ran into this problem when I was printing some custom printed post-it notes- The customer was trying to use a local slogan of "your friends in the diamond industry", they were hoping to use "your other friend in the diamond industry'. Unfortunately, I was not able to get permission to print it through Post-It since they saw it as taking someone else' info that has been slightly altered.