Where to start? student!


Recently me and two friends started a dutch design bureau. After making a couple of websites, "standard" ads (non creative simple DTP), and logo's. We had a good chat and asked ourselves what do we really want to be in 5 years? Just another web design company?

So we cut the cord, and after a few weeks of setting up a business, we started a creative agency focused only on advertisement/campaigns. Thing is, we have 0.0 work to display in that branch! All we have is our web design, logo's etc from local clients.

"Why not start doing advertising for them?" Mostly, they don't have budget or want it. They simply do not have to compete like big companies do. So how do we reach out to good companies? Without any work?

We decided we'd make some "fictional" work by simply choosing some brands and just come up with some ads (still working on them). But even after we got them done, and they look great for a beginner. How do we get our first good client?

How did you guys do it? I hope your experience can make my knowledge richer. Do competitions? Where? Just go to a company with a concept and pitch? How do i know they even need anything?

I hope you guys can lend us a hand here because we are dying to start, but just do not get an opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

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