So when does the new competition begin?

Hey everybody who's joining in the little game that's going on. ;-) I'm just wondering when we're going to start. It looks like Todd may have gone his seperate ways, but I'm ready for a product. Let's do this! :-)


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Hi everybody!!..I'm eagerly waiting for the game to start..& i want to know who is gonna join....

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I'll join.

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Sorry guys I've been very busy lately and totally forgot I was supposed to post a product. And thank you Fixit for sending me the email, I just saw it today.

Let's work on lifelock and make the deadline March 6th. Sounds good to everyone?

"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

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Mr. Fixit
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No problem Hellas. :-) March 6 sounds good to me.

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Hey everyone, I've been busy and haven't been on the forum for awhile and looks like a missed out on this round. Good to see others getting on board. I'm excited to see what people came up with and will definitely try to participate in the next one.

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