Is it always necessary to scrap first ideas?

It is repeatedly said by those in the ad business, that your first 10-20 headlines or ideas are crap and that you should just look at them as simply "flushing the system" of ideas that are tired, hack, or useless. I'm just interested in how many of you believe this, as I play devil's advocate and argue that first ideas can and at times do become brilliant ads and/or campaigns. I don't think a predetermined "timeline" or number is what results in whether the ad will be a success or not. What do you think?

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Jaap Grolleman
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In most cases, first ideas are bad but sometimes a great idea comes to mind without even brainstorming so there's no rule to it. But if you're in an ideation phase, just don't stop when you have one good idea - go with the momentum you've made and push for some more, so you have choice later on.

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Mr. Fixit
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I completely agree with you. You are actually one of the few people I've talked to that feels that way. I think that you can have an amazing idea right off the bat just as easy as not having one until your 50th idea. I also agree that if you come up with some good ideas, you should ride the tide, so to speak, and see how many you can get out of it. Thanks a lot for the comment Jaap. :)